Fort Walton Machining, Inc.

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NonDestructive Testing Equipment

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection & Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Magnaflux Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System - Model D607SR
  • Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Booth, 5K amp - Model H710
  • Magnaflux De-Mag 8K amp - Model SB-1619
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Parts Washer - Model RTW-60X66-HD
  • Various Blue Line NDT photography
  • Parker DA-200 Contour Probe
  • Gauss meter
  • Photometer
  • Refractometer
  • Field Indicator

Our FPI line is supported by an internal system and program qualified by on staff ASNT Level III and on staff ASNT Level II technician.

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