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Chemical Film or Chromate Conversion is a chemical process used to create a protective chromate conversion film on aluminum and aluminum alloys. The coating is applied to the surface to form a corrosion resistant dry film. In addition to our many precision machining and CNC machining services, the team at Fort Walton Machining, Inc., is ready to help you when you are seeking chem-film services.

There are Many Benefits of Our Chem-Film Services:

  • Chem-Film is an Economic Process
  • Surface Oxidation of Aluminum Parts is Minimized
  • No Dimensional Changes Occur
  • Creates an Excellent Adhesion Layer for Primer and Topcoats

FWM Metal Finishing Division provides the following:

  • Chem-Film, Class 1A
  • Chem-Film, Class 3 (Low Electrical Resistance)

Whether you are receiving CNC machining services or just interested in learning more about our precision machining processes, you can contact us for more information. We are prepared to help you when you are seeking chem-film services.

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