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Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM is a highly accurate method of part production. Wire EDM technology is essential for higher tolerance parts and repeatable tooling. Tolerances are held to ±.0002" in our temperature controlled facility.

FWM Manufacturing Division is capable of cutting all types of conductive materials when you choose our EDM services, including exotic metals such as titanium, Kovar, Inconel, Hastelloy, hard tool steels, and carbide, as well as a wide array of other metal.

Achieving high accuracy and tighter tolerances is essential for many industries such as aerospace, medical, injection molding, and tool and die industries. With EDM, the team in our FWM Manufacturing Division can produce and repeat the required specifications with ease. We have years of experience providing CNC machining services.

As an international service company, you can rest assured that you are receiving only the best CNC machining services. We are ready to hear about your electrical discharge machining needs and discuss our EDM services with you.

Fort Walton Machining is a recognized leader in the manufacturing and assembly of custom designed, precision machined parts. Fort Walton Machining offers: Precision Machining, Custom Machining, CNC Machining, and Precision CNC Machining. Contact us for all of your machining needs.

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