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Passivation is the process of making a material "passive", usually by the deposition of a layer of oxide on its surface. Passivation affects the properties of almost all metals in air. Fort Walton Machining, Inc., your source for CNC machining and custom machining, is proud to offer exceptional passivation services.

In the context of corrosion, passivation is the spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive surface film that inhibits further corrosion. This layer is usually an oxide or nitride that is a few nanometers thick.

In general "passivation" means to make something chemically passive, as opposed to active. An active surface is susceptible to reactions such as corrosion, passive surfaces are resistant to reactions.

Passivation removes contamination from the surface of materials. Surface contaminants can contribute to premature corrosion that may damage the component.Passivation protects through cleaning and forming a thin oxide coating.

FWM Metal Finishing Division provides the following passivation services:

  • Passivation, Type II - Medium Temperature Nitric Acid with Sodium Dichromate
  • Passivation, Type VI - Low Temperature Nitric Acid

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